This is a bit of a variation on a pattern that I've been using for going a bit deeper for big Bluegill. I tie them on size 10 1/124oz jig head hooks. Just a bit of rabbit fur for the tail, metallic embroidery floss for the body, 3D eyes to add realism, and a coating of UV epoxy to make them indestructible. I like to give the jig head a squeeze with flat needle-nose pliers to make a nice flat spot to mount the eyes. Then, tie in the tail, and then the metallic embroidery floss at the base of the tail. It comes in a variety of colors. I like the metallic floss as it adds a lot of sparkle to the pattern. Wrap the floss to the jig head, back, down to the tail, and back up to the jig head and tie it off. The embroidery floss consists of 6 loose strands, so it flattens out, allowing you to make a nicely tapered body. Once the floss is tied off, add the stick-on eyes and a coat of UV epoxy and hit it with the UV light to dry the epoxy. Super easy to tie, very effective for big Bluegill and virtually indestructible. While I have not used them on other species like trout, I suspect that they work also work great in that application. Just thought I'd share what's working for me in this cooler weather.

BG jigs.JPG