Yes! Microjigs catch the heck outta fish!
Mine are just a bit different....more of a Springbrook Wunder color variant. I've only recently started tying up some that have eyes.

I found a guy that makes microjigheads with eyes, and bought some from him. I also had then pinched the heads on my usual microjig heads like you described and added eyes.
I like they way they look with eyes better. I'm not sure the fish care either way.

Dale (iaflyfisher) taught me how to fish them below an indicator. It allows you to control depth AND speed of the microjig. Waves impart an up-and-down movement to the indicator...and therefore also the suspended microjig. Bluegills and crappies definitely love them. Big bass do, too, especially in the late Fall. I caught 5 bass that measured 20"-21" this Fall on them.