There have been many memorable trout in 2019. This season with renewed vigor and optimism made me the happiest I have felt in years. I looked at my log books for 2019 yesterday and a memory long dormant from 1962 stepped forward. My best memory of 2019 was cleaning out a spring head. I left the rod/reel in the vehicle. I did not take a single cast. I did not catch trout. That memory in 1962 that came to the surface happened just prior to me catching my first trout. I had learned the lesson and was living by it still 57 years later. I always leave the streams cleaner than I have found them. I do not waste fish I have caught that are mortally wounded. Trout are not play things and need to be treated with respect. The streams too need the same respect. I need to step back in the stream of time and explain the lesson just prior to the big trout being caught.