This message is for the site owners/administrators and current active members. I have been a member of FOAL since 2007 when we actually had to pay a membership fee, as small as it was. I still have the cap. I visit the forum at least once a day because of the valuable information posted by other long time members. However, everything beyond the forum has not been updated for years. I know there are financial implication and administrative cost issues with maintaining the site and I appreciate those sacrifices by the owners to keep the forum. However, I hate to see all the valuable information accumulated over the years not be updated and just die. Do any of you smart members/administrators have any ideas for regenerating the site. (Membership dues/membership drive/donations, etc.) There are sooo many young people out there who need the type information on this site that is not available as concisely as needed in other places. Maybe it's not possible/practical, but wishful thinking and willing to contribute for the sake of all those who went before us and developed the vast amount of original information and spirit of FAOL. Comments?