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    Default New Zealand website - Save our Streams

    As part of the movement supporting better water protection laws in New Zealand, a website "Save our Streams" has been set up. It has statistics showing the threats to water quality and links to various useful news items on the issue.


    Farming interests are putting a lot of misleading information into the media, but water quality is a major issue for many people and New Zealanders won't be fooled.

    Update 30 December 2019: another pollution incident courtesy of New Zealand's dairy industry. This sort of thing is all too common now: see

    Update 5 Feb 2020: heavy rain in Southland province has caused a massive flood in the Mataura river, a top brown trout fly stream favoured by overseas anglers. Towns are being evacuated. There are fears that the rising waters will reach an abandoned paper mill in the lower reaches where toxic waste (an aluminium by-product) has been stored.
    As so often happens the company owning the mill has folded up. Back in 2018 the local authorities were told the waste would be a major risk if it came into contact with water but, in their wisdom, they deemed that to be unlikely to happen.

    Update 20 Feb 2020: toxic algae has been found recently in Lake Hayes, a South Island water body. See the report at

    here have been other reports of algae appearing in streams in Southland. This is the real New Zealand, people.

    In another development, the government Auditor-General has criticised both central and regional government institutions for their poor handling of NZ water resources. Refer to

    Update, 16 March 2020: New Zealand now requires all in-bound overseas visitors to self-isolate for 14 days in order to counter the threat from the Covid-19 virus. Cruise ships have been banned from visiting our waters until 30 June next.

    Update, 21 March 2020: New Zealand has closed its borders to visitors. NZ now has 53 confirmed cases of Covid-19 virus. See the immigration website for immigration restriction rules (

    Good luck to all fly fishers out there, and your families. Remember, we will get through this.
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