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Thread: In need of a small pocket camera to use when fly fishing from a toon

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    Default In need of a small pocket camera to use when fly fishing from a toon

    Hey John. Are you out there? Do you happen to have a good camera I can buy?
    ps....I finally used up the last one I bought from you. I now need another camera......

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    Hi, Whitewolf. Check out the Nikon Elph series on eBay. Lots of very compact cameras with good features. And many properly priced under $100.


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    Thanks Chuck. I found an exact model of what I had that quit on me. Since I already had printed the very lengthy manual for it....I searched on Ebay and found an exact replacement used for only $14 shipped. I therefore do not need this thread anymore. I will click on report this thread and ask that it be removed form the bulletin board. However that doesn not really seem to happen very often.

    tks again


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    Whitewolf, I'm so sorry I missed this and didn't even send you a reply until now. I do have one of the really nice waterproof cameras like I sold in the past, Pentax Optio WP. It is the nicest one I've have so I purchased a new charger setup ac/12volt both. 2- 4GB memory cards too! I know you have already purchased but I wanted to make sure I replied to you. $40 shipped to your door! Thanks and God Bless!

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