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Thread: New Zealand's Mataura river - rafting proposal

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    Default New Zealand's Mataura river - rafting proposal

    A proposal is on foot to start a rafting business on the Mataura river, one of New Zealand's best brown trout streams. The Mataura is not a white water river of the kind usually used for rafting.

    See the article by angler/author Dave Witherow in local media:

    Update 1 December 2019: The local council has now approved the rafting business's application. See

    It is probably best for visiting anglers to avoid the Mataura river altogether as rafting will put down brown trout for hours.

    The local fly fishing club noted the rafting proposal when it was first mooted. The newsletter can be viewed here: http://www.southlandflyfishingclub.o...es_2019-09.pdf
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