I have 3 local close ponds that do not have ANY hard boat access. One is 35 acres....another 85 and one 93 acres. The book on one does not show any species to fish for....but has good largemouth population. The other 2 the book says bass and brook trout and brown trout. All three of these withinig 3 miles of my house. But no hard boat access....

Probably more freshwater here....just haven't been here long enough to know about them all.

But....interesting fishing boats.....platforms....just fyi for you all to know about iffen you don't already.

Pitt Boss....lightest I know of other than an extremely ultralight canoe.....looks pretty good as far as a 76.5 year old loading and unloading.

Ultraskiff awesome fishing platform. Watching the video of a person landing a huge grouper demonstrates the Ultraskiff is pretty much unsinkable. Lot of videos on the website. Watching many of them it is quite versatile. He has tutorials on loading it, equipping it....handling it.....etc.

just fyi