About 90% of the fish took the nymph. Some would rise short, but then take the nymph when they turned to go back down. The other 10% that did take the dry was great also. I get the best of both worlds on watching fish take a dry fly or watching the cork (i.e. dry fly) go under the water indicating a strike. The dry and dropper worked well in the shallow pocket water on the Pecos. This water is about 1 ft to 2 ft in depth. It would also work in the deep pools (3 ft to 5 ft deep). However, after fishing the pool, I would go back through it with the Euro setup and pick up more fish. No doubt about the strikes with the Euro set up. I found that the Dry and Dropper worked better in the shallow water than the Euro setup.

To give you another thing that I did was to use the Non-Slip-Loop knot for tying on all the flies (including the dry fly). See below on how to tie the Non-Slip-Loop knot.

Thanks Vinny