Scott,<br>"doubtful that the fish&nbsp; care one way or another" covers MOST of my fly fishing philosophy. I rest on my hunnert + years of experience to exercise "common sense" . I KNOW what they "should" eat and that's what's on the end of my tippet ,usually .&nbsp;<br>The ONLY place I often&nbsp; leave totally frustrated is on Flat Creek in the National Elk Refuge just outside Jackson . It's got to be a size 66 and heaven forbid the hackle is more than&nbsp; 1/16 " above the hook shank and the color is just off pale brown and your lapels don't have grass stains fom crawling to straemside. Do all that and you'll hook up. Got three in 30 years so please&nbsp; don't EVER call me a "giverupper". But I digress.............Nice fly Scott.<br><br>Mark