John - The fee fishing concept has kept the Paradise Valley spring creeks open to the public because without those fees the landowners would have either sold the rights to some wealth person or group or would have simply closed the streams to public fishing. I have been blessed with having had access to the creeks, especially DePuy's, since I know the land owners and have been friends with them for nearly a half century. They are truly a treasure, not just for anglers but for wildlife in general. In addition, the spring creeks are important spawning areas for trout that reside in the Yellowstone. Both spring and fall there are large numbers of spawning fish that come in from the river and spawn in these fertile waters. Most of the resulting fry return to the main river after spending a short time in the creeks. Some remain, so it is a win, win situation for everyone.

Controlling the ever increasing use of our other waterways is something that has been a conundrum for many states and there is no easy answer. Whatever you attempt to do someone will lose out, and someone will find a way to circumvent the rules.

Pray that you are having a good summer and catching some fish.

The Chronicler