They opened a new county parkl last fall that has a catch and release lake. Strictly artificial lures and no boats or float devices. No wading or swimming. I went to check it out today. I left very early to have time to walk around the lake and figure out where I wanted to be closer to dusk. It's a great park. I got pictures of a young deer and a bald eagle as well as seeing another eagle. I also saw this guy:
DSCN0159 edited.jpg

He said he would release it after showing his grandfather. When I said that that would be too late and took this picture he continued another hundred feet to his grandfather and then they both began yelling at me about the picture and coming toward me. They continued to follow me until I called 911. I don't know if they could see I was on the phone or not but they did stop following me. I ended up leaving after talking to a sheriff's deputy and a parks guy. I'll be going back. I'll put some park pictures below.