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    Default Lively Robber Fly SBS

    Chauncey Lively’s pattern from the 60’s, used to imitate a non-aquatic Diptera found on the Au Sable in Michigan. This one’s a bit rough around the edges (thinner mono next time); more interested in getting the sequence right.

    hook - WFC Model 11 #12
    thread - UTC 140 tan/Danville 6/0 black
    core - 15 lb mono
    tail/abdomen - deer hair
    thorax - peacock herl
    wing - deer hair
    hackle - grizzly/brown

    Part 1

    Make a loop in a length of mono

    Start thread mid-shank, brush with Super Glue, tie in mono

    Clean, stack a clump of deer hair; tie in, allowing the hair to encircle the shank, hook the loop onto the gallows

    Spiral wrap the deer hair up the mono

    And back down; trim mono and deer hair tips

    Switch to black thread; tie in peacock herl

    Wrap herl; tie off/trim

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