I began getting into all this mess with a 6wt, albeit an 8 footer. And that 8' 6wt was all I had for quite awhile. Over the years I expanded and today do not lack for fly rods - from 4wt to 9wt, 7 1/2 to 9 footers. Did try a 10 for awhile but just didn't fit me for what I do. All this to say that today my main stay rod is a 9' 5wt, so much so that I have three of them, slow, medium and fast actions. And the majority of my fishing is from a canoe, so the niner works better, especially that I'm casting setting down! Now, can still do the nines wading, but also have a med action 8 footer that satisfies the yearnings of old days past. O.K., after all this long windedness ........ I also have lots of fly lines, different brands, different tips. And most often used for what I'm usually fishing for ..... is the 5wt WF5F Courtland 444 "Peach". Works super with the nine or the eight.

They sell for about sixty bucks - the last one I bought was at an end of the season sale and I think I paid 35 or 38 for it. But it's my favorite line.