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Thread: Springtime in the Colorado Rockies

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    Default Springtime in the Colorado Rockies

    Had an absolutely stellar spring season on the Lake Fork and Taylor Rivers in the Gunnison Valley. Thought I'd share a few photos while runoff is temporarily ruining my piscatorial pursuits.

    I'm betting most any serious fly angler knows where this guy came from...the Taylor C&R. He ate a #22 red D-Midge.


    And if you've never fished the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, it's flat out awesome. I can't wait to throw giant tan and gold Chubby Chernobyls at big browns and 'bows lined up against the bank after runoff subsides!



    And it's not just the Taylor C&R that has big fish potential, but the entire lower Taylor as well. This guy ate a #20 grey RS2.


    Sorry for the small photos...I'm all ears if someone knows how to post bigger photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunnison_Country View Post

    Sorry for the small photos...I'm all ears if someone knows how to post bigger photos.

    The way the system is set up on this site, members who are logged on only have to click on the pic to get a larger version in a separate screen.

    Members who are not logged on and non-members can't see the smaller ones as posted, but also can click on the "script" for the pic and get the larger version in a separate screen. UPDATE This seems to be a hit and miss proposition - I've had mixed results experimenting since my original reply.
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