Flyfished a public pond Saturday evening.
Caught bluegills, crappies, and bass.

The bass was a beauty! 20.5".

Flyfished Sunday afternoon. Fished 4 other public ponds.
Caught bass, crappies, and bluegills again.
Caught my PB Bluegill (10.5", on the left in the picture) at one pond, and a really nice 9.5" bluegill (on the right in the picture) at a 2nd pond.

Jay fished the last 2 ponds with me, and took a picture of me with the biggest bluegill.

Now here's the weird thing....I looked at the times when the big bass and the big bluegill pictures were taken. I took the first picture of the bass at 4:33pm on Saturday. Jay took my picture with the big bluegill at exactly 4:33pm on Sunday. WHAT????????