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    Get out your flyrod Float-n-Fly for bass. It works!
    Got out on Saturday to try out a couple new rods. Caught a couple bluegills, some crappies, and some bass.

    The two biggest bass were both chunky 20-inch fish:

    or those that have been following post on this thread on October 14th... I mentioned noticing that a big bluegill and a big bass I caught on consecutive days from different ponds were both caught at exactly 4:33pm.... Well, after I got home, I checked the time stamps of these pictures...I caught the first big bass on Saturday at exactly 4:33pm, and the 2nd one just 6 minutes later. What is it about 4:33pm??? Moon phases, daylight length, water temps, weather....have all changed.
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    David Merical
    Ankeny, Iowa

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