My buddy Jay and I spent 3 days in NE Iowa flyfishing trout streams this week.
First, the stream conditions: NE Iowa has gotten a LOT of rain in the past 3 weeks, including one event that dumped 4.5" of rain in 2 hours. There were many road sections that got washed out. Some are still being repaired. The streams are still high, muddy, with fast current. Tough fishing condtions for sure.
Weather conditions: Although central Iowa was pretty decent, NE Iowa averaged about 8 degrees cooler. I think it may have hit 48 degrees one day, which was the warmest of the 3 days. We had some light rain one afternoon. It was windy 2 of the 3 days, but fishing was do-able for the most part.
Other factors: Brown trout are spawning at the moment. They typically spawn in shallow gravel stretches with quick current. Tough to fish, and very spooky. Saw some large trout, though!

The first 2 days, we fished streams that contained ONLY naturally reproducing populations of brown trout and/or brook trout. No stocked fish. So, trout numbers were lower than the typical frequently-stocked streams.

The last day we fished some streams that are stocked. We had not seen any other anglers on the non-stocked streams, but there were plenty of folks fishing every one of the stocked streams we went to.

I didn't fish it very long, but I did catch one brown trout on the Micro that was pretty cool.

As it turned out, most of the fish we caught on Day 1 were Brook Trout. I did manage to get the Trout Slam, though (Brown, Brook, and Rainbow). Most of the trout on Day 2 were Browns. Most of the trout on Day 3 were Rainbows.

Anyway...on to the pictures!

Jay caught this very colored-up awesome brookie:

and this one was pretty colorful too:

This was my Day 1 slam: