Just want to let you all know that the Michigan Fish Inn will take place June 23 to 30 this year. Same drill as in years past....Meet and Greet will take place at John Campbell's home on Monday, June 24. Exact time TBT but usually starts around 5 pm. We will be grilling again. Menu has not been finalized but it will be basically a picnic style event.
The rest of the week will be devoted to fishing and telling tall tails around the fire. I will be in the Bround Trout room at Gates Lodge. There is a nice porch facing the river so we can sit there and enjoy an adult beverage or 6.
There is lodging available from camping to motels to renting a house. Your choice and your responsibility to make your reservations.
If you plan on coming, please let us know by posting here.
If anyone needs more info, please contact me via PM. We would love to see you all the last week of June on the Ausable!