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The generic shop brands from BassPro/Cabelas regularly get good reviews and come in all price brackets. I'd also look at the Lamson Liquid especially in the 3 pack configuration which is hard to beat at <$200, and the reel alone is around $100. There are a ton of no-name, off-shore manufactured, rebranded reels out there for cheaper, but I tend to favor brands with a known track record in case I need repairs. YMMV.
I can second this.

I have the designed by Lamson sold by Cabelas "Prestige Plus" models in the 3/4 wt. and 7/8wt. sizes as well as the Lamson Liquid 3 pack in 5/6 wt. and there's not a lot of difference EXCEPT you can't buy extra spools for the Cabelas versions. But if you use one line or don't mind changing line they are a good value. Especially on sale.

I like the known brand too for the same reasons. of course a really nice higher priced fully machined reel is nice but I haven't found them to be necessary for any fishing I do.

I own and use a "Piscifun" fully machined reel I think I paid $55 for. The one I have has been flawless and smooth and
it's nice for the price.

But my favorite is the Redington Behemoth. Have one in 7/8 and it's solid. The drag is great even if I don't need it that much. It's nice to have something that is functionally that good even if it's not necessary.

Until a couple of years ago I used old Martin's and Pluegers except in for a Bass Pro Ultralight machined I use on a 2wt. and the Cabelas I used on the 8wt and above. Never had any problems with any Martin or Pfluegers.