So here is what I got:


The instructions on the side says it hardens in 3 minutes in the sunshine (emphasis mine).

I coated an in-process popper and using my Ebay UV light it went from wet to tacky in about 20 to 30 seconds for a thick bodkin applied coat.
Since poppers are the original purpose for which I wanted a UV Cured Resin, I believe this will work just fine. If I had, and may soon have. a better UV source such as the "UV Laser" (a UV Flashlight with a focusing lens) the dry time should be somewhat reduced.

Given the cost difference between the small bottle sold to fly-tiers and this 4 oz. bottle I think it will work just fine.
Perhaps the smaller faster setting bottle would be OK for fly heads since so little is used for that application.
But to get an equivalent amount of the small jar would cost $130 and I spent less than $18.