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How long did you hold it under the flashlight? Just curious. Rick
Well it may be a moot point now. I really couldn't remember how long I held the light over the popper I was trying to coat. So I sat at the bench and tried to paint another popper and do some testing. NOPE - it seems that the entire bottle (1 oz.) is as solid as a rock.

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I am no expert but you may have the wrong light. A google search revealed that the company recommends this light http://https://store.lisapavelka.com/UV_Light_s/1874.htm . This is listed as a 9 Watt light and I don't think the Ebay UV which I may have the same one, is strong enough. You could try new batteries int the UV light and/or trying sunlight.
Good luck, Mike
You are correct. I never looked into what sized light the manufacturer specified.

So given the light I have, a small hand-held 12 bulb UV flashlight, which UV Resin (I realized in my looking around, it is a resin, not an epoxy) would you both recommend?