Sort of got to liking the canvas creel bags. Think I picked up my first one maybe close to 30 years ago. Wore the first one out, and the second one kinda got lost when I tipped the canoe awhile back (I've become such a canoe master, well at least in my own mind!). Anyway, stopped in at our not too far away Dick's Sporting Goods, can't remember for what. Anyway, got on their email list as a result and from time to time they send me a sale notice. A few days ago they sent me a notice of this creel bag that was on sale ..... 25% off and free shipping. So, what the heck, I ordered it out for the whopping sum of $12.00! And it just came (via UPS!) ~ and doggone it, it's rather a nifty, well constructed bag!

Just thought I'd post it in the chance there just might be someone else interested.