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Thread: Tenkara/Keiryu fly rod for Euro Nymphing? (Daiwa Kiyose 36S-F)

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    Here is a video uploaded Oct 2018, Small Water Tenkara Nymphing, in which a guy from Royal Gorge Anglers explains and demonstrates their TTN, tactical tenkara nymphing line.

    The top link skips ahead to the on-stream part at about 12:19 minutes from the beginning.

    Play the video from the beginning to see his more in-depth in shop explanation and drawing of his recommended setup and tactics.
    He is using a Zen Tenkara Suzume rod, which is about a $100 over your target, but the part I thought might be useful for you is his set up and recommended nymph fishing method.

    Here is a recent review of that line by Jason at Tenkara Talk

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