This early summer I was giving my daughter a ride to Rockbridge to work and a couple deer came out of no where and I almost hit them. I looked from the road and saw this draw going up the steep rock hillside. There was an obvious spring coming down. I searched for landowners to ask permission to take a photo. I could not find anyone around so I took a photo from the road.

The big green leaved plants are typical of a wet soil. There were no trespassing signs so I stayed on the road.

Today I was wandering looking for fall colors to take photos of. I was back up on that road with the spring again. I knocked on a couple doors and found the owner's house. They were not home again.

I snapped a photo from the road again.

The recent temperatures were rough on the big leafy foliage. The greens had turned to yellows. Gravity took the other tree down and it must have bumped the tree with the no trespassing sign on the way down and knocked it down.