Thanks for the thoughts David. I really, really like the open deck of the Mayfly, I really, really like the ability to move from one place to another quicker with the pedal drives. Just was on Drews website, nice that he hunts carp too and fly fishes. It's hard to find someone with the same set of requirements that you and I and Drew have. That is not the same requirement as most fly fisherman or most kayakers.

So tell me about the Hobie more. The flex drive is noisier but if you hit something that you didn't expect, it's less likely to have problems. The Hobie does have that shock cord that you can leash up the pedal drive fins so that they are under the hull tightly, but what about hitting something that you weren't prepared for or didn't see?

I would like to float some streams for trout and like most trout streams there is a run area followed by a pool area. I just don't want to damage the drive. For lakes and ponds, I think that the Hobie will be great. Streams and flats concern me. Would love to hear your thoughts.

I also own a fish locator that has side imaging and the transducer needs to be mounted below the line of the hull to use the side imaging to it's fullist capability. Have you seen the 2019 Hobie transducer mount:

Last question. What do you think of color as it relates to chasing carp? The Papaya is better to be seen by other boaters, the Sand is better to be NOT seen by the fish. I don't wear a bright PFD or bright shirts when chasing the carp. They can be skittish. Was thinking of Sand color. When in heavy boat traffic I would thik that the Papaya would be better.

Sorry for so many questions.