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Thread: Sight-fishing for Carp

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    Default Sight-fishing for Carp

    Finally catching up with posting videos. Had to get a higher-capacity hard drive for videos. For the longest time, I've been trying to get some videos where you can see carp take the fly. Went fishing on 16 MAY, and the creek was clear enough to see some eats. I landed 4 common carp that day, getting the eat on 3 of them. The recent storms we've had are putting a damper on sight-fishing, but that just means switching to bass/panfish for some action.

    I was fishing a current break, where I saw some huge grass carp. As I was peppering them with casts to see which one was hungry, I saw 2 common carp. On the final cast, the 2 commons were trying to race each other to the fly. If you watch closely, you can actually see the line jumping (reflection) as the common takes the fly.


    This is the 2nd Common that I was able to catch the actual eat on video. As I was walking the bank, I saw a common slowly looking for food close to the bank. After making a cast and a drag & drop, the Common moved towards the SJW. I set the hook when the Common dipped its head down. One tip is to watch the body language. If it did something it didn't do 30 seconds ago, SET THE HOOK! Setting the hook is free. Losing the fish of a lifetime is agonizing!


    I was walking the bank looking for fish, when I saw a huge mud plume, with a Common heading closer to the bank. After making several bad casts & snagging the fly on grass, I got my cast together. On the final cast and drag & drop, the Common slowly made it's way towards the fl fuchsia SJW. When I thought the Common was over the fly, I slowly tightened the line, and set the hook.


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    Very cool!
    There have never in history been so many opportunities to do so many things that aren't worth doing. - William Gaddis

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    Any updates as of late ?? New video perhaps ??

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    I have never fly fished for carp but it is on this years bucket list for sure!

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    @PrairieSchooner Thanks

    @BR-549 No videos yet. We went from snowstorms, to rainstorms, that with the melted snow, caused major flooding throughout the state of Nebraska. The creek that we fish looked like it was almost going to crest. Just have to wait til the water goes down, clears up, and we'll be ready to go. This gives me time to play catch-up with fly tying.

    @weehooker Give it a try. Guarantee you'll have a blast when you land the first one.

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