It is highly unusual that any brown that big will be caught in the light of day. Are they in the Holy Waters? Absolutely. I have seen them. Are they easy to catch? NO! Like John says, night fishing with a guide is almost a must. Good luck getting a guide this time of year on such short notice. I lost the big fish syndrome many years ago. If I catch one, fine. If I don't, fine. I would rather catch 30 smaller fish than pound the river all night for maybe one fish. I have done this on many occasions this time of year on the Holy Waters. Catch 30 fish, that is.

Hey John, when you say skunk, do you mean the original version, or the newer updated version. I would guess 16-18 on sizes? I am in Grayling right now attending the Rodmakers at Grayrock. Sam Sure was by this morning with the fishing report. Sounds like isos in the evening right now. Not many hex around at the moment, but with the warmer temperatures later next week, that will change. Should be down at Gates Sinday afternoon.
See you all soon,