I'm not a good nympher. Can't argue with the results and I'll fish them when I have to, like the past week when flows were way up and the water was too cold for any surface feeding, even though midges were coming off in the millions (billions?); I just prefer to see fish rise to a dry. Lobbing a 2 fly rig in the wind (there's always wind) with 3 bb shot quickly reminds me of all the batting practice I pitched and why my shoulder makes those strange sounds (I've used up my allotment of cortisone shots, so I just have to grin and bear it). Also, I hate losing flies to rocks, which is part of the deal if you want to get your flies where the fish are; rocks are cold and unfeeling. Trees and bushes give you a chance at redemption, although you may have to replace some frayed tippet.
Having said this, I found Thingamabobbers helped the process, pretty much (but not always) staying where I put them and helping me detect subtle strikes I probably would have missed otherwise. What I didn't like was how they kinked the leader and were a bit clumsy to move up and down the line. I got a few with the Jam Stop last week and was not unhappy with the results; they'd slide down after 10 casts or so, but it was easy enough to reposition them and get back in business. I'll be glad when the fish start looking up, but in the mean time it's split shot/bobber season where I'm fishing.