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    Selling a bunch of single hand lines because they aren’t getting enough use. I’ve indicated an approximate amount of use these lines have been used. NIB is new in box. Also listed on other sites so first ‘I’ll take it’ wins

    LINES (shipping CONUS included, will reduce by $3 per additional line purchased after the first since I’ll be saving on shipping)

    Rio Grand -6wt-Floating. $60 NIB
    Orvis Bankshot sink tip - 10wt, $50 NIB

    Rio Powerfly – 8wt-Floating - $25, used but still good.
    Sci Anglers Uniform Sink + - 8wt Type 2 sinking. $30 – used a few times
    Orvis – Streamer Tip Intermediate – 7wt – Int. $40 – used < 5x
    Rio – 15ft Type 3 sink tip – 7wt - $30. Used ~10x
    Sci Anglers – Mastery Titan Taper – 6wt Floating -$30 used ~10x (some discoloration due to backing bleeding)
    Sci Anglers – 250grn Type 6 (fast) 20’ sinking tip – 8wt - $25 – used ~5x
    Sci Anglers – Wavelength MPX – 9wt-Floating - $55 – used 2x
    Rio – InTouch Trout and Steelhead Indicator – 7wt-Floating - $50 – used < 5x


    - Pflueger medalist 1498 reel, USA made - this is the bigger size, good for 6-8wts. I have another one that I put on that glass rod and it worked well. $45 each - I have 2 of them available

    Redington Vice – 9’-6”, 4pc 6wt. $145, shipped CONUS. Used 3x (and not even for full day, probably less than 10hrs). Looks brand new.

    Fenwick 8’-6” 8wt brown glass, 2pc. $125, shipped CONUS. Comes in original tube (assuming original sock). Really good shape, just not getting used. I also have a second tip for it (from another I had previously where the butt section broke). This tip is in OK shape, but works well as a backup and will be included.

    Add 3% if using paypal and not sending as a gift. Also, if you want pics, please PM me your email and I will get them out. I plan to ship once per week so I don't have to run to post office everyday, but I will keep the buyer informed. Feel free to PM if any questions

    For lines I can ship to Canada for an additional $6

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