I'm done!
Never again will I dole out anther dollar to the Fly Tying Symposium and lackluster producer Chuck Furmisky.
That's it bub...you got your last buck from me.
You can add the FTS to the long list of events that have long since served their purpose and exist nowadays only to separate you from your money.
I knew it was over when the first booth I stopped at was sloppy disorganized hackle vendor whose merchandise was so old and manhandled the chickens wouldn't want the feathers back.
I've attended the FTS for more than 10 years...making the trip to NJ faithfully each year in the hopes of seeing/learning some new things...perhaps meeting up with some old friends and picking up a deal or two on supplies.
Now here's what you get....
Disinterested vendors hawking old - third quality material at full retail prices
No friends to meet as they won't waster their money anymore
Two maybe three full service vendors all selling the exact same stuff at the exact same prices.
Worn out booths and displays staffed by the most disinterested unfriendly group of mopes I ever seen in one place at one time...
Can fly tying really be so disagreeable?
Even your fly Tyers's (most of which are excellent and do their best to reach out to guests) are busy hawking their latest book (no discount) or video or tying material.
Featured Tyers's...tying the same fly year after year...Nice imagination CHUCK!
Must be busy counting money instead of paying attention to detail (that's a free tip form me CHUCK...Attention to detail is the key to business success)
One booth made famous by the owner's brand named materials hired a couple kids to man the booth. I felt sorry for the poor kids who didn't know a hook from a hackle.
Shame on you CHUCK!
All the red jackets and childish sneakers will not make up for lousy worn out repetitive show defined by worn out presentations and underwhelming personalities.
Now that AK and Gerirach and Lefty and others are too old (or smart) to support your show...where are the next generation stars?
After seeing the forum you offer...it's no wonder they won't participate
Let me let you in on something...quality brings quality (That's another tip CHUCK)
Who, of the top line fly tying personalities/vendors, would want their good name associated with this dog.
Where's the quality control?
Has it ever occurred to you to rquire your presenters to change or at least update their presentations every so often. I've seen the same presentations by the same people year after year on your marquee...Shame on you
How about requiring your vendors to bring up to date quality materials
How about asking each to make sure a certain percentage of their materials are offered at "special show prices"...want to increase your gate...try marketing that instead of some tweed clad octangenarian droning on about he still ties flies with 30 year old India hackle...YEESH! (Which, by the way, you can find plenty of at your show...if you can make it through the moth ball fumes)
So when your counting your money up at Seven Springs and laughing about the increased profitability of Lancaster over Sommersett...How about you think about your customers...tighten up the reigns and put some creative energy and attention to detail back into your show
Who knows...people might even come back