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Thread: Seat mod. to a WS Tarpon 120?

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    Smile Seat mod. to a WS Tarpon 120?

    I have an older (2005), but in very good condition Tarpon 120 kayak. I'm looking for any ideas y'all may have on installing a seat with a little elevation to it...something other than just putting a 4" thick block of foam under the add-on seat that I have. Any ideas? Has anyone made any sort of mod to the seating on this series of Tarpon?


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    How does the seat attach to the hull? Can you adapt a seat from another brand to yours? I have a Nucanoe, I can buy a seat at Walmart and put in it if needed/
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    Elevating the sear will raise your center of gravity. Is your Tarpon stable enough so this won't be a problem?

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    updates on this one? how do you manage to attach the hull?

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    I had a newer Tarpon 120 (2012?). I used to put a ( 3"?) throwable PFD under my butt to get me up a few inches higher. In the end though, my old bones struggled with sitting that low /laied out so I sold it off and bought a Ride 115 with a higher seat. That one, while being a little slower, is much more comfortable to fish from. I still ahve the Ride but have gone to a Lure 115 with adjustable seat that goes WAY up when needed.

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