My buddy Jay and I headed to NE Iowa to do some flyfishing for Smallmouth Bass on Monday, 8/14/2017.

We stopped at 2 spots along a stream neither of us had fished before. It has some nice Smallmouth and Walleyes in it, as well as a few Northern Pike and some nice Channel Catfish, according to the DNR sampling reports. Its a wide river, generally too deep to wade except in low-water situations. Best fished from a kayak, but we left those at home for this trip. We were actually able to wade at the first spot. We each had a tiny fish on, but both flipped off before we landed them.

The 2nd spot was right below a dam....steep wooded shorelines...we didn't try wading and there was limited ability to flycast. We didn't stay very long.

The 3rd stop was our goal. Its a beautiful stream with wooded shorelines and rock bluffs, rock bottomed with some sand in the deeper spots. Beautiful clear water, very unusual for most of the western 2/3 of the state.

We caught plenty of Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Creek Chubs, a Striped Shiner, a Bluegill, and a Rainbow Trout.