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I don't use a fish finder but if I did I would seriously look into the Ram transducer arm set up that deploys your transducer over the side of the kayak, along with possibly the YakAttack Cellblock. Pretty slick set up that can be easily taken off and left at home or locked in the truck while you go in and grab a cheeseburger. There are lots of other ways to set it up or make your own transducer arm, just do some searching on YouTube and you'll find lots of options in all price ranges.

Indiana Yak, listen carefully at the 2:05 point in the video. He says if you don't have a kayak with a scupper mount transducer, this is a good option.

I guess what interests me about the scupper mount option is that the transducer is protected and won't bottom out when you come up on rocks or a sand bar and the transducer is in the water.

This Lowrance scupper mount, is interesting, but I might DIY a scupper mount if I get ambitious. Thanks for the YouTube hint from both of you guys. There are a lot of nice videos to watch on the subject.

I still haven't seen anything on mounting the transducer on the rudder mounting on the back of the yak. I might still try that since that looks like the easiest install. Mounting holes are already there and the transducer is protected.