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Thread: Fisher pelt

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    Default Fisher pelt

    Fly tying fur !

    Fisher pelt; body length 28 inches, 46 inches with tail.

    Complete pelt; head-body tail, all in one piece.


    mint condition

    50 bucks , shipping included. / willing to trade for gently used fly fishing equipment ( what ya got? )

    Picture upon request ( please don' ask for a picture if you are not serious about buying; I have a hard enough time doing stuff on the putor as it is; technically challenged! )

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    I have seen fishers while hiking many times but have never used it for fly tying. What other material does it compare to?


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    It has different lengths of fur on different parts of it's body.
    I guess it would be like a giant mink, or otter .
    If you use Google, punch in fisher images, and there are quite a few, it will give you a better idea.

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    They are from the weasel family. The fur is known for it's thickness.
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