I've fished "in-line" tandem nymphs -- ie, trailer tied to the bend of the lead fly -- for years. Lately, I've been experimenting with more and more aspects of euro nymphing including flies on tag droppers. I've started rigging with a heavy, tungsten bead, nymph on the point as an "anchor" fly and a smaller, lighter fly tied on a short, 6", dropper tag about 18" above the anchor fly.

I generally like this system, but have found the tag dropper dangling loose to be an annoyance when moving from spot to spot. I wrap my tippet behind the reel, hook my point fly on a convenient guide and then tighten up the line to hold everything in place. However, that still leaves the tag dropper fly dangling loose on 6" tippet. It seems like that's just inviting problems like walking through brush and even while stashing a rigged rod in a car.

Anyone have a trick for better securing tag dropper flies?