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Thread: Have any of you tried methamphetamine

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    Default Have any of you tried methamphetamine

    or fiberglass fly rods? Judging by my experience with the latter, both are highly addictive.

    In a dark room a group of slightly grizzled but strangely serene people are sitting in a circle. After a long silence, one begins to speak.

    "My name is Pillcaster, and I am a glassaholic."

    "Hello Pillcaster", the group responds.

    Pillcaster begins "My story is fairly typical, it all started with the gateway glass, Cabela's CGR. Everybody says "glass is so great" and "hey, they are 50% off!". So, I tried one. It was great. Smooth, slow rhythm, and what a blast with a fish on. Than I got another. Then they reduced the price to $50, so I had to try another. I was travelling with my wife and we passed a Cabelas store, and I had to stop. They had the 2wt, I didnt have the 2wt! My wife said "another flyrod?" I knew she may soon learn the truth about how bad I was jonesing. Finally she got this look on her face that said "at least he's not collecting Ferrari's or redheads", and that's how she started enabling. So now I have 5 CGR's, have ordered a Steffen, and all I want to do is go fishing."

    The room fell silent. Finally the leader says "Would anyone else like to share?"

    If you do, no judgement.
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    "Fishermen are born honest, but they get over it"
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