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Thread: Zebra Midge, head dubbing

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    Default Zebra Midge, head dubbing

    Started my winter tying today. For my first fly I decided to try, for the first time, a Zebra Midge. For my first few flies I followed the instructions and used a Super Fine Black dubbing for the head. Then I decided to try some black UV Ice dubbing. I really like the look of the UV; the longer fibers seem to give the fly more life. Tying them in size 18 to 22, (using a scud type hook) but have never tied a 22 this will be interesting.

    So, my question is:

    a) Follow the instructions and use the Super Fine
    b) Go ahead, fulfill your creative side and use the UV Ice Dubbing
    c) It will not make any difference
    d) Get one of those nice imported Ale's from the garage, sit back and think about it.

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