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Thread: If allowed only two fly patterns

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    Default If allowed only two fly patterns

    I have been fly fishing for 40+ years. Been tying about as long. I have been through all the phases of each (I think).

    In tying, I have chased all the new and different patterns. As just one example: Remember when John Betts came out with his "Zing Wing" Caddis pattern? Most of us tied oodles of them. Did they work? Yes, but perhaps no better than other Caddis patterns. Yet, the search continued for that new/best pattern....mayfly or Caddis.

    Just to spur discussion: I have now concluded, that when fishing mayflies (dry), one need only one pattern....the improved Sparkle Dun (mine with a small group of UV pearl ice dub mixed in with the Zelon shuck and wing). Of course the pattern would be in many colors and sizes.

    For dry Caddis, the pattern would be the X-2 Caddis, also with a few UV pearl ice dub fibers in the trailing shuck and swept wing.

    I honestly believe for fishing most waters when hatching mayflies or Caddis are on the water, these two patterns FOR DRY FLY FISHING would serve the fly fisher quite well.

    Your thoughts???
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