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    About a year ago a gent gave me a pheasant tail from a bird he'd taken, and as usual I put it in a big plastic box along with my other tying materials, recently opened the box for the first time in a good while and caught the scent of moth balls, not terribly strong but had no trouble sniffing out the culprit, wasnt strong enuff to catch when I put it away but after being closed up its noticeable, give it a 2- on a 1 to 10 scale, pulled a few other articles (2 other tails I had bought, couple pouches of dubbing and chanielle, all kept in package it was bought in.) out and gave them a sniff and some did have a very faint (1- minus on the scale) odor .

    Even tho every thing but the tail is still kept in the packaging it came in,whats y'alls thought on the effect on the other materials ??
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