You can find this one in the FOTW archives, but the August 10, 2009 FOTW FEB Hopper is a better presentation on how to tie it.

The salmonfly is usually tied with orange thread, orange and dark brown antron for the FEB, medium brown foam for the forward body, orange speckled Montana Fly Company centipede legs, and deer or elk hair for the wing.

A couple days ago, I went for a change of pace with the colors and tied it on a size 8 3x long hopper hook, with bright red tying thread, bright red and olive brown antron for the FEB, red foam for the forward body, yellow with red speckle MFC centipede legs, and light blond elk rump hair for the wing.

Fished it on my home water yesterday, and several fishies thought the color combination was just fine.

Speaking of color .... as in 18" plus Westslope cutthroat ....

The whole series of flies ( skwala, salmonfly, golden stone, hopper, and October caddis ) tied on the FEB platform have served me well going on nine years. I fish these flies practically year round, somewhere around eighty days a year, and they have caught fish every month of the year, winter weather conditions permitting, in Northern Idaho.


P. S. Yesterday I had a very unusual experience. Saw a wolverine at very close range. First one ever for me, hopefully not the last.