The wind continues to blow. So, I headed out to Lake Manatee and drove to the east end where the Verna-Bethany Bridge crosses the lake. Wanted to see if we could launch kayaks there. We could. It was just a short walk to the lake.

The wind was blowing 18 mph out of the east. There was a small cover there that was calm. I started out casting a No. 8 chartreuse popper on a 3-weight rod. Immediately caught a 10-inch copperheaded bluegill. I then added three nice bass (for 3 weight) in a row. Caught more bluegill before we headed up the river to see what it had to offer.

We caught a few bluegill, bass and stumpknocker on poppers and nymphs. Wasn't great, but could be in different conditions. Gives us another option, though.