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Thread: TWO SHOCKING EXPERIENCES - Readers Cast (Dick Taylor) - Apr 3, 2016

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    Default TWO SHOCKING EXPERIENCES - Readers Cast (Dick Taylor) - Apr 3, 2016


    Was remembering several camping and fishing trips that we took several years ago with our two boys, ages 9 and 12, and one in particular came to mind. We were camped in our small pop up camper on a small piece of land that was rented as a campground by a local farmer, which also had access to the Shenandoah River in Virginia. The fresh water supply came from a small pipe and pump handle arrangement just outside a fenced in pasture where several cows resided. The farmer told us not to touch the fence as it was electrified to keep the cows from breaking through to the campground and also to keep them out of the river.

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    Growing up on the farm I can relate to this story. We would check to see if the fence was charged by using a long (dry) piece of grass, you could feel a pulse but not much else unless the grass was wet. I remember climbing a board fence by the drive shed to see if my brother was returning from the back pasture, what I forgot was the lead for the electric fence came out of the shed and ran along the top of the board fence. The metal zipper on my jacket hit the wire and the next thing I remember is sitting on my a$$ on the ground beside the fence. Ah memories of growing up and hopefully getting wiser.

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