I am getting older and even though this outfit has not had much use I need to sell it or maybe trade? I want to get into air gun hunting , and am looking to buy or trade for a Benjamin bulldog, 357 air rifle or perhaps a Benjamin . 25 marauder air gun, so...
I have a Thomas and Thomas 9 1/2 ft 10 weight ,2 piece rod with a Ross cla #6 reel loaded with brand new S.A. mastery series titan, line we 10 f. Brand new line and backing. The rod is a 2 piece 10 wt 9 and a half foot powerhouse and Ross cla, #6 reel, a drag so smooth you could land a 150 lb tarpon or 40 pound pike just as easy, I still have a high quality 6wt and another t&t 8 wt for bass, I can use that for pike or steelhead , and I really want to try this air gun hunting before I get too old, I am on a fixed income so I need to either sell or trade something I already have.
I live in Cleveland ohio , you can't call or text me at 216 396 8877 , thank you bobby
Will send pictures if you want.