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Thread: My first Adams ..

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    Default My first Adams ..

    Well here it is my first Adams I see some mistakes just by looking at the pic But I'm happy with it on my first try ...
    Steve -stabgnid

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    What that fly needs is a little floatent, looped onto a 6x tippet and drifted through a nice trout seam.

    Congratulations. Tie on!

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    I agree that it will fish. One thing I want to point out is that when you bury the hook point in the vice like that you are stressing the weakest part of the hook which can lead to hook breakage later. Look at Scott P's tutorials for an example of proper hook placement. This is probably most critical with fine wire dry fly hooks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stabgnid View Post
    I'm happy with it on my first try
    That's the most important thing; I'm sure the fish will go for it, too.

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    I notice your hackle wraps are pretty far apart and the body is short. For the body, obviously just dub a little farther up the hook. For the hackles, I've actually found my turns are closer together when I wrap both hackles together. It's unorthodox, but you might try it.

    For what it's worth, I have been tying flies since 1992 and I have NEVER tied a traditional Adams (nor many parachutes). So in one respect you're ahead of a pro tyer who does 7-8000 flies a year.

    Edit: I should probably note the reasons for the above: #1 is that the Purple Hazy Cripple is what I use in my "Adams slot," and #2 is that it's hard to muster the enthusiasm for tying Adams when I can just grab them out of the bins.
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    Your post says it all!
    I only wish my first Adams looked anywhere near as good as yours.
    A little luck when you fish that fly and your wishes may come true.

    Keep tying!
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    A very nice Adams for your first try. I know my first try was not that good!!!

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    A great looking fly even for anyone with some time at the vise. It will fish just fine and I hope get to find out, even if you have a friend float her!

    My biggest congrats goes like this..."YOU DIDN'T CROWD THE EYE!!!" Most excellent for that reason alone.

    It's still a bugger for me, after 20 yrs. Slow learner...

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    Great job! The Adams is not an easy fly to tie in comparison. It includes post dry fly attributes, which all have to remain proportionate to achieve that desired end result. You are looking good.

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    Great first fly stabgnid. Keep on tying and soon they will all look just like the professionals !
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