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Thread: Little red bug in my tying material

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    I do not trust ceder alone. The worth of my fur and feathers is probably a couple grand or more. New material goes into a sealed garbage bag with a box of paradichlorobenzene moth balls and gets sealed for at least one month. I don't care what the source of the material is. Then it is stored in bags in plastic boxes with the same moth balls. Whenever I get some material out of one of those boxes I make sure there are a few of the moth balls in the box. At least once a year I inspect the boxes that are not used much and replace the moth balls in them.

    Materials I process myself are washed in a solution of borax and Dawn dishwashing detergent. That material gets the same treatment when dry. Into the big garbage bag with the moth balls for at least a month.

    I have never had a bug infestation in 50 plus years of collecting fur and feather for fly tying.

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