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Not sure of your point. They are destructive and those whose job it is to protect the fish population are trying to diminish their impact on the rivers.
What are they destroying and is their impact so significant that unknown amounts of resources will be expended to "diminish" it? I'm just asking from a detached point of view. There is not a body of water in the US which is not host to some sort of non-native species. "Those whose job it is to protect the fish" should, in reality, be advocating for a total end to interaction of all types in a given body of water. It ain't gonna happen. On a large scale and in the long term, invasive species have not ended the chain-of-life anywhere in the US. Not saying it can't or won't happen somewhere, just that it hasn't. Study the history of Lake Erie regarding pollution, invasives, and artificially introduced species ("gamefish" and non-gamefish).