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Thread: Where to start and how to learn?

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    I've got to agree with Jack. Kathy Scott's DVD is a great tool to help you understand the process. I got the DVD years ago and had learning to furl as one of my goals after I retired. With a bit of help from Kathy's DVD, some Q&A with Jack and Brad (Kaboom1) and a read through of the material and information on the FAOL Furled Leader Forum I was successful in making both tread and fluorocarbon furled leaders (two leg). Installing loops, tippet rings, and micro swivels is a breeze with the instructions available here.

    I use an old electric drill with a cup hook to furl the legs. Take them down to the 10% mark on whatever board you build and you should be okay. Unless you intend to get into mass production I can't think of a reason to invest big bucks in something to twist the legs.

    Good luck with the project!
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