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Thread: mystery of the mysis shrimp

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    Default mystery of the mysis shrimp

    so, I won the raffle at mu local TU meeting, and it was a collection of flies donated by the widow of a passed member. Lots of flies, most of which I could readily recognize, adams, woolly worm, humpy, royal wulff, muddler minnow, etc. Several, though, were new to me. Yesterday I received my new issue of the FF& tying journal ( a sponsor here, byw, and a great mag I look forward to the 4 issues a year), and on page 55, was one of the unusual (to me) flies in the box, a mysis (or opossum?) shrimp. The question that comes to mind is why was this western Virginia guy tying this great lakes fly? Are these little protein nuggets in our local tailwaters?? Or, did he travel UP NORTH? I realize these questions cant really be answered except by the tyer himself. If my heirs started giving away my flies, someone may wonder why I have so many October Caddis (i tied a bunch in anticipation of a trip OUT WEST that didn't materialize), or green drakes (which I hope to use this spring UP NORTH). Which brings me to the point...
    1. Are there mysis shrimp south of Lake Erie?
    2. I am really appalled that if I dropped dead some of my fly tying "experiments" would be given to anyone as something that may catch a fish????
    3. Are you comfortable with you heirs giving away your flies? Not just the good ones, the ones you rejected but didn't discard.......
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