Our club will be hosting our first-ever fundraising banquet in April. We are planning the typical banquet activities such as raffles, silent auctions, etc. We are in the process of soliciting prizes from area business, our members, etc. We will likely have to purchase a few prizes as well.

Obviously, many of the banquet attendees will be our own members, however, our goal is to attract other attendees who are not regular members as well. In addition to fly fishing related prizes, we will need to have prizes that might also appeal to the "non-fly fishers" in the crowd.

For the raffle items, the majority of prizes will range in the $5-$20 value range. The silent auction prizes will be in the $25 and up value ranges.

We are starting to accumulate prize donations but thus far most everything has been fly fishing related. What types of prizes do you think we should be looking for to appeal to the non-flyfishers who attend? Thanks.